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If you ever needed a reminder...

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That you're a bonehead, work with your old code. I'm glad such events happen less regularly, but working with some networking code I wrote up almost a year ago reminded me how much my code sucks at times. The network code is actually quite nice, as it will take strings, buffer and dump them to a handler line by line. The problem came as the inital game connection wanted to just get one line (which has the game UID) needed to properly initialize the handler that the connection would eventually dump to. The networking stuff wasn't flexible enough to not dump to handler if there wasn't an actual event there. Oops.

Anyways, I hacked up a workaround and made sure that multiple players can connect nicely to the server.

In other news, I've got a second interview tomarrow for a job which is likely to be terrible but fairly well paying. Income is unfortunately of higher importance at the moment than my disdain for QA work.
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Yeah, I know how that goes. I'll fix some hideous bug, then open up svn blame to see who did it, only to realize it was me.

Good luck on your interview.

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