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This is why I don't go hang out with people very often.

I came over to watch movies, which we started doing. The first movie was some really bad foreign film. Then we watched Spirited Away (which is one of my favorite movies, so I didn't mind.) All of a sudden they needed to go to the store, but only 4 can fit in the car. There are 6 of us. So, they decide to go while me and his sister stay here.

They've been gone for 2 hours now. The store is only about 15 minutes away. About 30 minutes ago I called them and they're about an hour away sitting on the side of the road ON THE WAY TO A PARTY.

Them: "Oh thank god, our phone's about to die. We're on our way to Jeremy's and the tire blew out."
Me: "I thought you were going to the store?"
Them: "Yea, but then Jeremy invited us to his party."
Them: "If you're not going to come get us, tell my mom."
Me: "..."
Them: "Hello? Donny?"
Me: "I've decided to NOT tell your mom."
Them: "Fuck you du"
My phone: call lost

Yea, I'm quite sure they're not going to forgive me for making them walk. It's about an hour back here and about an hour to Jeremy's house. Seriously though, they could've called on their way so that I could have gotten a ride home from his mom instead of sitting here by myself all night (she's at work now.)

I'd hook up with his sister, but she's fugly and only 17 I believe.

Anyway, I've been sitting here for the last 2 hours working on my GUI. I noticed that my ListBox system is totally fucked. Well, removing items is atleast. Plus there is no way to enumerate items, only children (which will include the scroll up and scroll down buttons.)
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Sounds like you're just hangin' with the wrong sort of peoples. Granted, it's kinda hard to find the right sort, especially in certain places, and they're usually a little psychologically broken... But yeah, people mostly suck.

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