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Overdue Update

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My project and my team have grown so large and ambitious that i dont know if we can still fit within the bounds of the 4E5 contest. think x beyond the frontier (thats about the level of graphics we have), but less 2 hour trade runs and more battles.

I'm in Ft Lewis (seattle/tacoma washington) right now for work on the Land Warrior System tests.

this post is much less formal than what im used to putting here, but im stretched thin on time, and felt like i needed to report in.

afterall the point of this devjournal and my GD+ status is to keep a timeline.

right now my team is composed of.
1) cody wyers -- myself -- story art and programming
2) jeff wyers -- my cousin -- scripting sound effects
3) Lee ..something -- jeff's friend who is really into mixing
4) Shannon - an indie director who is doing some guitar work for us and a lot of creative commentary
5) melinda wyers - creative commentary - vector art - textures - coloring
6) douglas waltman - textures - 3D modeling - and level design
7) *forgotten name* - another of jeff's film/music buddies -- working on music and concept art
8) the rest of my entire family - Voice Acting
9) random film folks from Baylor Univ who have expressed much intrest

even assuming i only can count on 1/2 of these folks -- thats still a sizable team. we still meet all of the criteria for 4E5, but the scope of the project has grown quite a bit and i dont know about time constraints, well thats a cop-out. a lot of the story takes place in europe anyway.

anyways were a bit behind schedule programatically - and ahead of schedule artistically and scripting-wise.

im having to duel as artist for the comic-style movie cutscenes and ive been focusing on a lot of concept and design work which ill post as soon as i get back to Tejas from Washington.

even if the project bombs ill still have a lot of material to work with for future projects. look forward to screens shots and art soon.

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I'm in Ft Lewis (seattle/tacoma washington) right now for work on the Land Warrior System tests.

That's pretty fucking cool, how are you involved with the project?

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im assistant to the TDIO
essentially i set up all the computers
and networks for the test team to work on.
then if any of the SFCs or Majors etc need
any trouble shooting i help them out.

i also was supposed to get to go out and
play with the system and go out on the fireing range
but that never happened, things got too busy.

ill probably get a chance to mess around with it more
eventually---once i get back to ft hood(home)
and i might go to fort yuma for another part of the test
but its unlikely

anyway - glad to spark your intrest ^o^

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