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This man and his wife needs your sympathies.

On a nother note, I returned from my trip around europe. Me and my brother took off last tuesday and drove to Copenhagen where we watched Tour de France and later went to the Tivoli(amusement park). Fun. [smile]

The next day we drove to Esbjerg, and we went to a pub where we obviously met some brits who insisted that I was 19 not 15(I'm 185 cm tall), when they finnaly acknowledged my age, they started saying I had my whole life ahead of me - you know, beer and such things you can't do before 18/21. [grin]

The next day we just took it easy and went to Pirates of The Caribbean 2. Which was my second view.

The day after we drove all the way down to Wolfsburg in Germany. And we made it(~825 km) in less than 8 hours, not counting the food/drink stops and an whole hour spent in queues just outside Hamburg. Yeah, so our average speed was about 140km/h[grin]. And then, just oustide Wolfsburg, one of these came powering out of nowhere in more then 300km/h and made our little Golf GT sway because of the torque. [smile]

And then we went to the Volkswagen factory and the car exhibit, where I got to touch a Bentley!. Fun. [smile]. Later on we thought we'd go to the cinema, but ofcourse, the Germans can't speak English so every f***ing movie was dubbed. We decided to leave the country.

So they day after we went to Paris, France. Once again 875 km on less than 8 hours. And I got to eat sushi which is my new favourite [smile]. And then we went to see Superman Returns(original version - thank god!) and I thought it was pretty cool. The day after we got to see the last heat in Tour de France(Champs Elysees). And I got some pictures of Floyd Landis but my bro got the camera so I can't post pics [sad]. And how cool was it that a Norwegian won the heat[grin].

After Tour de France we went to the movies once again, this time we saw Slevin or whatever it's called and it was very good, a must see for people who like intelligent movies [smile].

The day after that we went to Amsterdam, which is a very beautiful city. I got to eat the best beef I've ever tasted. If you guys ever get to Amsterdam, I suggest you go to a restaurant called "Gauchos". Best. Beef. Ever.

The next day we drove back to Odense, Denmark. And slept over and the next day we drove to Halmstad,Sweden. And then we drove home. [grin]. Nothing fancy happened these days, except for the beatiful landscape and the radio stations which constantly played 80's music....OMG! [grin]

And our car looked like an insect graveyard when we where done...
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