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So I picked up my machine about two hours ago; they filthied up the screen with their messy fingerprints but the machine is rather fast now. Fast, fast, fast, fast. And cooler, too.

They switched out the logic board, so I got a new copy of the install DVDs. Hooray! Free software!

In other news, when I was walking back I saw Pouya stuffing a small child into a wastepaper basket. I was very saddened by this.
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Saddened my ass! You were helping! With a baseball bat! You were laughing! I saw the whole thing!

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I was laughing to keep from weeping. The baseball bat was for Pouya, but I discovered all too late that his hideous flesh cannot be penetrated by even the hardiest wooden devices.

You saw nothing! NOTHING.

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I did see something! I'm telling the po-lice! And after they're done catching jaywalkers and people speeding and waiting around and generally not doing their jobs they'll get to you!!! EVENTUALLY!!! WHEN IT SUITS THEM!!! BUT NOT BEFORE!!!


Think that's probably a little too Calgary specific?

Happy Birthday. I'll arrange for Ralph Klein to show up at your door dressed like a piñata complete with bats.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


ravyuya you frock I wolve you rock on byddy!(*buddy

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