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Well, I'm still contemplating dropping my 4E5 contest entry. I can't get the look that I'm going for with my 2D art skills and I don't have nearly enough 3D programming skill to do a 3D game. So, I'm going to focus on trying to get some 2D art done over the next few days to see how it goes.

I modified the house and the mages that I've been working on since yesterday:


On another note, I downloaded the ginormous DnD:O trial (1.7GB) and it's pretty awesome. I'm not sure how much a month it costs, but I'm thinking about getting a subscription.
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I'm not too keen on your character sprites, but the house looks very nice. [smile]

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Individually I think they both could work well, but taken together that simple style of mage sprite doesn't go with the detailed look of the house.

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My sister, who worked on MW, now interns at Turbine and is working on DnD:O. Sweet, eh?

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Nice house! I like that. I'm not sure about the characters. Maybe if I seen them in some environment.

Keep up the great work

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Thanks guys!

I agree, the mages do seem rather simplistic compared to the house. I also just realized that the shingles on my house are huge.

@Visage: That is pretty cool. I assume by MW you mean Morning's Wrath?

@dave: How you see them now is pretty much how you would see them in game. Instead of doing a face view when people are talking I was thinking of doing a full body shot, but I've decided against that since it would add a lot of graphics plus it would distract the player from what was going on in the background.

Thanks again guys!

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