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JL2K4... The Saga Continues

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So, thinkin' about the new version, I decide to play JetLag2003 for a few games, and see what is "wrong" with it.

Not that there is anything *REALLY* wrong with the game. The game is fine. More like, where are the power ups unbalanced. Unbalanced powerups have always been the bane of JetLag.

(I did this analysis a few months ago on my old site, but I wanted to do a fresh one)

So, I play a couple of games...

The cent, dollar, pound, yen, and diamond (all point bonus power ups) can stay, as long as I can guarantee that the really good ones (yen and diamond) are rare, and the not as good ones (cent, dollar, pound) are more common.

When I did this analysis a few months ago, I came up with the idea that collecting all of the cents, dollars(etc) of a particular color would give a special bonus round. I now think differently. Makes JetLag into something of a ball of mud. JetLag is not a ball of mud. It is a simple game where your little smiley face is falling endlessly down a tunnel for no particular reason.

The speed up and slow downs are going to stay as well, but I might be changing them in nature so that they only occur at the threshhold between levels, with spaces in between them. Dunno yet, but they will be staying.

The go left, go right, and straighten out powerups are almost useless. I might keep straighten out, but left and right can go (they only ever have an almost fifty percent chance of actually doing anything, whereas the straighten out powerup has a nearly 100% chance.

+1 life and +1 bomb stay. I'm keeping bombs, and you simply HAVE to have a 1UP powerup. similarly, invincibility stays.

uninteresting side note: The first JetLag that appeared on an x86 machine (in GW-BASIC), had seven powerups: extra life, invincibility, the stopper, speed up, slow down, widen field, and +100 score.

(got interrupted, more on this later)
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