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IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!

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So my newest project is once again an emulator, again for the GameBoy as it's a fairly simple console. I'll be using C# for the GUI, MDX for the graphics and a DLL compiled in C for the Z80 and memory core. For now the project's name is SharpBoy, although less corny names are welcome.

The project is only a few days old, but I already have the DLL made with most of the memory related functions in. I've also been porting over the wxWidgets GUI from LittleBoy(my previous GB emulator using C++/OGL) which is definitely speeding things up [smile].

Getting C# to interface with a C DLL is surprising easy, a lot easier than I thought it would be. It got it's first real test this morning when I tried loading a few memory dumps and ROMs.

According to my memory viewer and VisualBoyAdvance's memory viewer, everything went rather well

Edit: Added XP style.
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Quiet you, we'll have none of that hippie talk in here [evil].

Seriously though I only use MDX because I like the style of the API. OpenGL just doesn't go with C#. If someone made something like MDX using OGL(MOGL?) I'd use that.

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Yeah that does sound better, can't believe I didn't think of it. Thanks, I'm going with GB.Net for now.

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