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Well, summer school is finally over and I managed to walk away with some good grades. Finals went well and overall I'm happy. Now that school is done for a few more weeks, I can concentrate on finishing Breakout Returns. Last night I worked on it for a little bit, but, the girl ended up tearing me away from it so I didn't get a whole lot finished. I've been working on it this morning fine tuning some power ups and it's going along well.

I've introduced a life indicator on the right side of the screen.

I've also added 'Bomb Ball', which, when activated, will randomly destroy 10 blocks on the screen upon impact.

And, last, but not least, the shooter paddle!
// Single Shot - Individual Space Bar Hits

// Burst Shot - Holding Space Bar

// Burst Block Carnage

The pictures tell the whole story. The system isn't 100% solid yet, but it is working.

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