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Sneak Peek

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Finished up the main layout of levels. Take a Peek. All they are missing are the black blocks, which, are 'special' blocks. They are the only ones that need multiple hits, and they also reward a nice little bonus.

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The only thing I'd say about your level progression is that level one looks like the most difficult because it has the most blocks to deal with. It depends how you use your black blocks but would it be better to put level one as one of the later levels? Just a thought :-)


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Well, it depends on how you consider it to be difficult. I find it to be rather beneficial to the player because there are a LOT more blocks to contend with (as an introductory level). Don't forget, challenge mode is in regard to your score. The more blocks you can destroy, the more points you rack up. So, this example is a prime one. You can easily 'strategize' and get a LOT of points out of this first level, making or breaking your success in the other levels.

I would find the later levels tougher, because there are less blocks to tango with and that they are scattered around the screen.

Remember, the clock starts at 1 minute 30 seconds (on challenge mode). I don't expect people to be able to destroy every single block, unless you've got a nice strategy to contend with the levels. That time could change considering how my beta testers do.

There will be one black block on each level. That black block is worth 50 points, but, it will also require you to hit it 3 times. So, do you take the time to destroy the black block? Or...? Time is ticking...

Thank you for taking to the time to comment!


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I see. My comment was based upon you not having a time limit in which to destroy blocks. Having one clearly makes more blocks equal an easier level. Maybe I should read you previous posts more thoroughly :-)

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Not a problem at all. I wasn't sure if you were following the development of the game or not, so I was just pointing out how everything is going to work. Thank you for stopping by and commenting about it. Better that you know now than when/if you get the game and see something totally off the wall. ;) Now you have a heads up. ;)

Take Care,

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