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Ok, so things here have been going ok(I'll spare you the details for now), and I've been getting a mucho artworks done for Angels 22, so let's get started:

Factory Time

I was yet again getting bored with the stuff I was working on this week and decided to start another in-game building sprite, this time of a factory, which will probably be the main target of some missions.
It's not damagefied yet, and it'll be awesome when Sapo and I figure out a way to make the smokestacks fall over when the player destroys them.


This one is just the top-secret hypersonic spaceplane you'll be flying over Moscow in:(one with orbital boosters, one without)

Partisan included for coolness

New Soviet Socialist Republic Nuclear Submarine

So this is that Nuclear Aircraft-carrier Submarine I've been working on for a while.
Well, I did two more steps, along with a review of the previous ones so you can see the stages of boss creation, starting at the beginning:

Yeah, nothing incredible for the last two, just some splitting up for the attack animation stuff, plus some slight photoshoppery, and then a preview of the in-game product.
The final final steps are going to be anti-aliasing the outside and putting everything in a final format for Sapo.

Final thoughts

Since I'm going to be splitting with the new GF next week when I make the flight back home, I've decided to buy a new Gundam Model to ease the pain once I return, either this one or that one... opinions?

Have a good morning,

-Mark the Artist
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Dude, your art is awesome. Keep up the good work!

I think that you should do Tallgeese III. That's the one I have and it's pretty awesome.

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This brings the term "sub-love*" to a whole new meaning. [smile]

* No, it's not a real term, anyways. Sorry.

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Original post by Programmer16
Dude, your art is awesome. Keep up the good work!

I think that you should do Tallgeese III. That's the one I have and it's pretty awesome.

I would, but I already have 2, plus one I am converting to the original Tallgeese...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
(and since when did 1:00 in the afternoon become early morning for me?)

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Hrrmmm... I think I've decided on the Qubeley, mainly because it's different from most of the ones I have, which are Gundams proper.
I think it's also pretty massive, so that's a plus.

The Mk II I would've gotten because of the superior posability, but it's not like that would be unique to iit in my collection.

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My favorite mobile suit is simply the Zaku II. In fact, I have a model of a Zaku II on top of my computer monitor. It's the only one I have. My brother, however, has a Gundam and Char's Zaku. We tend to go more for the mobile suits from the origional Gundam series.

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Hrm, looks like I inadvertently let democracy fail... oh well.
The thing is I have a ridiculous amount of gundam models(including >10 master grade ones) and, well, after the 90th, they start getting somewhat old, so freshness is good.

I still want that Mk II though(mmmm... posablity)

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