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Graphics already? HOLY SHIT!!!!!1

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That's right folks, I have managed to implement map and tile rendering so I can see what the hell is going on. Of course any screenshots at this level are from memory dumps of the video ram(while running in VBA), these are not in-game shots so don't go creaming your pants in excitement.

One problem though is that calling the DLL functions is insanely slow, so when reading in the map data(byte by byte, and NOT rendering) the FPS goes from ~900 to ~200. Rendering the tiles then takes it down to ~70 [sad]. All well I'll see if I can speed things up by reading everything using arrays.

The screenshot is from Sneaky Snakes.

Edit: Reading the map though an array yeilds ~110 FPS.
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Yeah, native DLL interop is pretty slow business. I faced the same issue during my adventures in SDL.NET. Although it's a pain, it can usually be 'solved' by "here and there" sorts of optimizations and shortcuts. However, 70 FPS is still nothing to balk about. [smile]

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Original post by HopeDagger
However, 70 FPS is still nothing to balk about. [smile]

Actually I'm pretty sure it is since I still need to implement the CPU, sprites, sounds, hardware timers, interrupts and a whole bunch of other stuff. The GB runs at 60FPS so 10FPS to move around isn't a whole lot.

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If you build in release mode and run it out of the IDE, it'll speed up the FPS. The slow down is because VS2005 tries to manage the calls to the unmanaged native library for debugging.

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