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Well, I had to redo most of the house but I managed to get it to split up into tiles. I present you with the game's first in-game, rendered, house:

As you can see I've decided to keep the autofringing. I just like it too much. And yes, the bottom of the house has green on it.

Of course, I think it was all for naught[sad]. I REALLY want the game to be a mouse-controlled RPG similar to Baldur's Gate. If I do it like that, then I'll have to make the buildings into entities instead of tiles. Another problem with that is I have to learn A*, which I should do anyway. So, I'm back to pondering, but I have to hurry up and figure this crap out.

Edit: Actually, I don't HAVE to make the buildings into entities, but I could get fancier that way.

Anyway, bedtime for me.
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Ooh, pretty. I like oldschool RPGs like this. I started making one in MFC ages ago, then came to my senses [smile]

A* is pretty easy once you understand how it works, it took me about 3 or 4 hours to read up on it and write a working implementation for my bomberman clone.

Is that Windows XP you're using? And is it a custom skin thigny?

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Thanks Steve! Old school RPGs are awesome lol.

Yea it's Windows XP. I'm using the BlueMesa msstyle - linky

You'll have to patch your uxtheme.dll file though to use the msstyle. I don't have a link to that (google for "msstyle" + "uxtheme" + "patch" or something.)

A warning though - on some computers the radio-button's active state is the same as in-active (meaning that you can only see it when you click the radio-button or hover over it.) It also removes the top border, so you can't stretch your window from the top, top-left, or top-right.

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The fringing looks good. Go for your dreams and make it BG-èsque if that's what you ideally want. A contest isn't always about winning -- as I learned the hard way :P -- but about using it as an excuse to have a learning experience. [smile]

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