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So I went ahead and implemented clipping using the D3D viewport. However since this also means that I have to do an update to the projection matrix (else the viewport just squashes the image) there is a performance hit. Not a major one, but there is one nonetheless. I even hardcoded a GUI window that clips into the demo program. It's lusty.

I also added the ability to load fonts and images from resources. That was fun. I think I'm going to have to conglomerate all of these loading/saving functions into serializers to cut down on duplicate code. I also will probably implement a VFS so that I can plug in various types filesystems. With the way streams work in .NET this should actually be fairly straightforward. Of course, if YOU have done any work on a VFS in .NET, I'd like to hear from you.

Obligatory screenshot:
It appears I accidentally removed the image.

No, the arrow + "Yay for clipped crap" is not part of the program, I just photoshopped that in because it's not exactly an eye popping update.
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