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ship list

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Eventually, we would like to have Lego-style ship building process. For now all the ships are static in appearance and functionality. For simplicities sake, we will be recycling a lot of graphics and ships for this demo. The following is a list of ships scripted thus far. We're still working on a classification system, but I don't think that it's very important at this moment. At the end of the list is a link to an image showing #'s 1 & 2 (circled in red).

1) Dog Leg - The Dog Leg is a craft whose name derives from its unique, angular shape. It is a short ranged, lightly armored, maneuverable vessel equipped with light gunnery. This craft is almost usually controlled autonomously from their carrier vessel although there is a cockpit installed so that they may be used as escape vehicles.

2 Swordfish - Dog Legs never stray to far from their carrier, and in many cases (in our game) that carrier is the swordfish. Swordfish are versatile armored craft which are designed to be easily modified to support docking with virtually any craft. They are so named due to their large nose section with which craft can easily dock and depart.

3) Forca-Class battleship - This heavy patrol craft is designed to catch up to, and detain ships attempting escape it. The one you encounter in the demo is called Meili, has been heavily modified with experimental technology.

4) Breva-Class Transport Vessel. - This ship is technically composed of two components. These are its cockpit and atmospheric flight vessel, and its cargo mounting, or more commonly: its "trailer". Breva class ships are older vessels who's expensive upkeep has landed most of them at junk-stations. However, when well kept the ship is highly durable and incredibly quick, though it lacks much maneuverability when in an atmosphere. This ship is essentially a large, heavily armored rocket with wings and a minor self contained storage area. This is your ship.

5) Police Patrol Craft - Lightly armored and gunned, these hovercraft are designed to be quick, and agile in atmospheric engagements. Mostly found on earth, these ships can be modified for space defense as well.

6) Bounty Hunter Rig - These ships, like many others, bear no standardized classification as they are usually custom created from spare and salvaged parts. Identification then results in lengthy descriptions of the vessel.

7) Civilian Vehicles - These are simple, small, unarmed craft carrying non-hostiles.

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#8, Angel.
Unlockable by dodging 4,000 consecutive bullets in a row. Note: Angels do not take damge.

Im still lost on how the rest of the elements play into the game. from what ive seen of the demo you say its an adventure game but is leaning towards a fps.

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