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I did up a couple sets of sprites today. I'm going to use a layer system, so these are just the clothes.

Soldier Armor

Robe 1

Robe 2


The robes are going to be for tutors and helpers throughout the game. They're going to be the only characters that use this specific robe design so that (hopefully) they'll stick out.

I'm taking HopeDagger's advise and I'm going to make the game that I want to make instead of one that I think will win the contest. So, I'm off to try learning A*.

Any comments on the sprites?

Edit: Almost forgot, I also did a new skull (actually, I modified the old one):

Pirate Skull

I don't know why, but it made think of pirates so I named it that.

Also, I made all of the sprites in the entry (even though the armor looks like the armor from that other character sprite.) I'm still working on adding some detail to the robes.

Edit2: Ahaha. I just tried making a gif animation for the robe (to see what it looked like) and it doesn't work. At all. Good thing I didn't plan on having them move[wink].
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That's a pretty cool system, will the player get to decide what his character 'wears', so the appearance changes?

Also, are those shadows in-game, or is that a mockup?

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Hey Sapo. Yea the player's appearance will change according to what armor, helmet, and (hopefully) weapon they have equipped. (That's the plan anyway.)

I used TileStudio to build the houses and then added the shadows in afterwards. But, now that I'm going the entity route, there will be shadows[grin].

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Nope, the left house is taller than the right house, so the shadow would fall on top of it.

Edit: Maybe, I don't know. Whatever. Yours does look more natural.

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