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Wow. My head is hurting today. [sick]

So, even though this is a fairly small game, it is incredibly easy to accidently forget things or forget where you left that last sticky note regarding a feature you wanted to implement. I scouted for a development centered to do list, and I found one. If you haven't check this out, I highly recommend it. It's easy as eating cake to use.

ToDoList 4.10.2

As for Breakout. I had to redesign the way I was doing my interface buttons. I was just not getting the results that I wanted to. My unfamiliarity with lists didn't help the matter. They don't seem to like being altered and having an iterator going back through it. Luckily, this is a small game so I can afford to make it a little less complex. So far everything is working out great. I've added a nice visual cue for the player to know exactly what button their mouse is over.

Other than redoing the button system, I've sat down to look at the overall progress of the game and what needs to be done. I hope to have the game finished by next Monday. Then I'll have my beta tester help me test and polish it up and It will likely be released the end of next week.

Have a happy Monday!

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