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Woho some time on my own

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Hello every one! How ya'll doin?

Well some exiting news, I've bought myself a new computer, a laptop with my first paycheck. Been configuring it to the way i want to have it now...so well I'm pretty finnished now...it's nice, now I have some time so do something...oh no...well remembered that I have to get SDL to work in vc++ again...well it isn't so hard ;). Gonna see if I can make a particle system...don't think it will be great =) but a try anyway.
A side note, I think I use to much memory in my games...because my latest game ran smoother, higher fps on my new laptop than on my desktop...1 gb ram vs 512 mb...well something to think about.

It's now 01:20 I have to get up to work 07:00 today...I have a couple of hours to make something productive with...nite to you all!
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