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Yay, my GUI code is all nicely working (Still). I can load irregularly sized textures now, and apply them to windows, and I fixed the small problem with transparent bits in windows (I had Z-writes on). I also discovered that it's faster to render my GUI back-to-front with Z-write off than it is to render front-to-back with Z-write on on my laptop. I guess the Z-buffer is just slow as shit on an X200M graphics adapter. Which doesn't really surprise me too much. I'm just happy to get 70 FPS.
Window Z-ordering now "works". I haven't tested it yet though. I'll do thta tomorrow.

I didn't do much at all on my way back, I couldn't be bothered coding, so I just tinkered about reading the DX10 docs (Which scare me).

Well, I'm tired, so I'm going to go and watch a film then have a very early night I think.
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