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Hello poppets.

I'm sorry to have abandoned you for so long - its not that I don't love you - because I do - but I was trapped in teh land of no internets for a couple days and didn't have the chance to get back to yous.

In other news

[x] Wario Ware Touched

I bought it a couple of days ago, and had beaten just about everything a couple hours later. Seriously. There's a little over 180 minigames in the game, and each one takes about (let's be generous) 10 seconds to play.

180 x 10 = 1800 seconds to beat all the minigames. For those of you who don't have a calculator, that's 30 minutes of gameplay.

Now, there's little plots that you follow and such, which adds another 30 or so minutes onto it. And there's other things to accomplish, but they aren't really presented very well so I'm not sure if there's a point to playing each minigame ~20 times to fully "clear" the game.

That said, it was a very enjoyable couple of hours. All in all, I think the concept is pure genius. The idea is that you're given a small word, like "Clean." and thrown into the game with that one instruction. You have to figure out what to do, and you only have a couple seconds to complete it. Most of them aren't too hard to figure out, but it feels really good to have to think about what to do. Good noggin' work.

In this case though, its much too little of a good thing. There just isn't enough gameplay to make it into the halls of the greats.

It is, however, an excellent piece of "using the DS hardware the way it was meant to be used" - the game makes absolutely no use of any of the buttons (except for pausing the game, but meh). Everything is done via the stylus and microphone (no, you don't have to sing, they just have you blow into it at various intensities).'

That, along with Canvas Curse, are the two DS games I've seen so far that really use the DS input devices in a cool way. THINK OUT OF THE BOX PEOPLES.

hur hur hur.

PS: Still playing SCO. I hope my brigade hasn't kicked me out yet. Because I think I'd cry ;_;
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