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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted an update in a while, my internet has been less than reliable as of late, and I haven't been able to even get to gamedev to write an entry until today. Anyways, much to talk about today.....

Allegiance Flags
Today I realized that all the entity allegiances were hardcoded into the game, for example, every single Light AAA unit was hardcoded as an ENEMY, while every single airplane was a FRIENDLY. This is okay for little levels, but not for the more complex ones, where we have enemy planes, friendly AAA, etc. So today I coded up "allegiance flags" that are used to denote allegiance when using the level editor. When in editor mode, small flags appear above all entities in the level, showing their allegiance. For example, an enemy SAM site would have a small "sickle and hammer" above it, while the player has an American flag above it. This is handy for creating those complex, multi-army levels, and it looks kinda cool[grin]

Yeah, that is definitely a communist missile....

Particle Bursts/Streams
This was a quick little addition I made today, and I'm really glad I made it. They bursts are just.... well, one-time bursts of particles, which can be used to simulate, among other things, flying dust resulting from a strafing run, as you can see in the screeny below. It looks kinda wierd in that screen, but it's pretty awesome in motion.

The Streams are pretty much continous bursts... thats about it. They're useful for creating stuff like exhast, and smoke from damaged planes, as seen below, which also looks much better in motion...

Automated Flipping
This is boring, but pretty much now the AI can figure out when to roll his plane over.... it's not that critical to gameplay, but its kinda wierd to see you wingman flying upside down next to you for half the level[grin]

Building Health
Now, all the buildings in the game can have different health ratings, meaning we can have hardened bunkers that withstand anything you throw at them, or we can have simple schools, which blow up really easy (but be careful about blowing up schools, or else the UN will write you a strongly worded letter[wink])

Partisan Chunks
So today I realized that when the player's plane explodes, it just turns into a bunch of small flaming chunks of metal, which isn't all that realistic, or cool looking, so today I went on a scavenger hunt through my HD to find an old crashed partisan texture that I knew Mark drew up for Angels 20, and after about a 30 minutes, I found it, cut it in half, and threw it into A22 as chunks that are spawned upon the Partisan exploding, and the result is pretty cool IMO:

Controlling Your Wingman
This is probably my favorite new thing I've done on the game. As I described in prior entries, the actions of your wingman are dictated by it's current "orders", which, thanks to our cool new wingman system, can be controlled by the player. Mark and I have differing opinions on how this system should work, so I implemented both of them. Mark's idea was to have the 4 wingman commands mapped to WASD, while my idea was to have the player hold down a button to bring up a radial menu, from which they can select the order they want to give by pressing the arrow key pointing to the desired command. Since Mark's idea isn't visual, I'll show you guys a screeny of my un-markified arrows and their corresponding orders:

Demo News
Good News for everyone wanting a demo, we're almost there, I'm content with how the game is playing right now, and all that's left is to get a rudimentary menu working, and then pass a copy to Mark, so he can play through it. After that, all we have to do is record the voice tutorial, and then we'll let you guys have a go at it. I'm really excited to see what you guys think, and to get some constuctive criticism(I'm sure there will be plenty of that[grin])

Well, thats all for now, If you guys have a suggestion, or and questions, feel free to comment and I'll answer them as soon as my crappy connection allows[wink] Peace Out!
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an awesome entry, like usual.

when do we get to hear about the intimate details of the life of Sir Sapo though? You are a freaking coding machine...

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Simply awesome. Your progress has been astounding. If this thing plays as well as it looks, I think you've got a very nice shot at winning this contest. [smile]

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Ok, I've tried to explain my idea to you before, Sapo, but apparently you didn't get it, so here it is in visual form.

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an awesome entry, like usual.

when do we get to hear about the intimate details of the life of Sir Sapo though? You are a freaking coding machine...

Luckily, I don't have to be at work until about noon on most days, so I get loads of work done late at night (until ~3AM). The fast rate of progress this week ca nbe attributed to my girlfriend going to Colorado for a week, leaving me with nothing but sleeping, eating, working, and coding to do all day long[grin]

Simply awesome. Your progress has been astounding. If this thing plays as well as it looks, I think you've got a very nice shot at winning this contest.

Thanks, but I'm afraid that someone is cooking up a kickass game, but isn't advertising it as we are, so they can come out of the shadows and snatch a victory... anyways, thanks for the encouragment!

Thanks for the Comments!

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Freaking insane. I agree, you're so productive, you make me seem to be a lazy bastard. Well, it's true, at least the lazy part.

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