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I'm back... kinda...

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So, new hardware turned up and I've not got a mostly working system, I'm currently runnin Win2K while I put data recovery and rebuild plans into action.

Yet again two sticks of ram have been damnaged, and what bothers me is they are the two I got back from Corsair last time I sent back some damnaged ram (these will also be RMA'd asap), and both lots of damnaged ram were in the slots furthest from the CPU.

This gives me two thoughts;
1 - CPU is damnaged and the on board memory controller is frying ram in that location.
2 - ASRock's mobo's dont deal well with my ram as its two of their mobos which have fried it.

Either way, I'm back up and running in a kinda way for now, enuff to get my assignment done at least.

Two of my harddrives took some punishment as well, so I'll be having to see what I can recover from them, if anything, over the next couple of days..

It's all fun here, about the only good thing to come from the last few days was the drunkeness on monday night and the arrangement for me to meet a lass tomorrow/today to go see a film.. hmmm, that's almost like a social life, sweet monkey lord!

GDNet London Meet; T-16days and counting...
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Bah get Crucial Ballistix RAM. I love mine and works oh so sweet. I go the tracer version now. Way fast. I got a 3800+ X2 I can sell you cheap if your CPU is dead... :)

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