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Thoughts about this community

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269 views is great. An awesome place, largely free of idiots. Helpful people and enthuastic developers helping each other. Devs that do business application development for a living like me. Those luckier(?) still doing game dev for a living. Students, kids, teens. There is a turn over, people come and go but some stay and keep making a difference.

The C++ workshop is a good example of that. I've flicked through the thread now and again. There are so many people who know lots about C++ around here that whatever I might say has already been said most of the time but those tutors or other helpful people. And it is I'm sure making a valuable contribution to some peoples education - dare I say lives.

I'm kind of feeling a tide change recently on the gamedev forums - where as only a year or so ago most comments would be saying "yeah C# can't hack games" those are being more balanced out by people disagreeing - and indeed disproving this with wowing screenshots and impressive demos.

There are members of the community - I'll just pick out Rob Loach (but there are tons others) whom always seem to be actively creating or making something. Now again, picking on Rob on particular, his website and acitivies if you follow around links from his profile see him active on all sorts of C# related activities. Tao for one looks very interesting to me.

Perhaps there is room now, neigh perhaps even demand for some kind of C# workshop. Though rather then academic exercises, perhaps an start to end simple game project where everything done is directly to do with creating a game. Not just development, but exercises in time management and architecture.

So many people start projects and never finish. I am terrible for that myself for my home grown projects. Demands of getting things in on time for my day job are high, and I do choose to have a life outside of development too, so often things get 80% done then left to gather dust for a while.

I thought a project focused workshop, where we have a central reference / guide implementation that's developed week by week - but everyone participating is encouraged to make their own version of the tasks set, would not only give people ownership of their creation - but also importantly deadlines and goals. And of course help here from anyone else involved. So not only development skills would be worked on, but time management and project skills too.

I do want to be more active, give something back and make games.

Now I think is pretty bad timing for this - what with 4E5 being worked on by so many of the peeps out there. I should be, but outside pressures have again meant I doubt I will be able to get much done for it. Perhaps I will, I don't know, still a long time until November 30th.

Another idea I had was properly documenting my efforts for 4E5 and representing that as a series of articles / steps.

So those are the gamedev things rattling around my brain right now. Having just moved house and being currently lead dev on a high profile project for my day job though, they don't really get much air.
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