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"Who gave you permission to walk on dis road?"

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Well, I've mostly been playing around with fixing the level graphics, and designing the levels. I should be getting around to entities soon.

My biggest problem with Stompy's Revenge is that I didn't think that I designed the levels that well. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the levels, I just felt that I could do better. I didn't have a map editor to work worth, so creating levels for that game was quite difficult.

With this game, I want to make sure that I make very interesting and fun levels. After all, this great tile engine means nothing if the levels suck. I'm thinking about drawing a design on paper before actually putting them in game. That way, I can make levels that take full advantage of this tile engine.

But, I shouldn't be worried about designing levels yet, I should be worried about programming the entities.

On an unrelated note, I'll be very, very, very suprised if anyone can guess the game that the quote in the title comes from.
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The Glow editor allows you to place entities (actors, items, area effect units) as well as change level geometry and textures.

I highly recommend always writing the editor first. It makes you think of re-usability in your core modules and promotes fan-in and smaller modules.

Also, I think the name of your journal entry came from one of the Mario RPG games.

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Well, I have a simple editor already, but it still needs quite a bit of improving. Especially when it comes time to add entities.

Was that quote in Mario RPG? I've never played it, the game I'm referring to is on the Playstation 2. It isn't an especially popular or well known game, but it is one of my favorites.

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