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A day of contrasts...

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Yesterday was indeed a day of contrasts, I infact sometimes wonder what I've done to make god hate me so...

The day started off well enuff, recovering data seemed to be going fine and all was good and groovy. That evening I went and met up with a lass and we went to see Superman at Le Cinema, we then talked for ages with me finally departing her house at around midnight [smile]

Rolled into my house around 1am-ish and got back to data recovery, I'm not sure why but I had to try and access the 'my documents' folder I keep on a seperate harddive from my windows installs. "Directory can no be read" popped up as I tried to enter it.. and given that 24h earlier I'd been looking at this directory with no problems I start to think that just maybe I have a problem on my hands.

So, I set scandisk running and go watch a film. I return to find it done and yes, I can access the folders now... but as I looked thru files I found just garbled mess... after about 20mins of searching around my drive I just sat and stared at the screen, basically YEARS of information, convosations and code have been lost. I think I went numb for a while.

Not everything was lost and some things are duplicated else where and I have some backups from a few months back, but some of the stuff isn't backed up, such as my MSN convos and the like.

I'm still searching the drive but I'm currently in the biggest state of apathy I've been in for a long time.

In other news, the place my mate works at, a subtitling firm based near where I live, have advertised for a software developer and I'm pretty tempted to try for it, if it doesn't work out then I'll complete my degree however if I get it then I'll probably end up not bothering with it (take a year, see how it goes kinda thing) or do it part time... although I'm not sure I could work full time and do a degree, I lacked probably lack the motivation.

Some of me is thinking; complete degree then get a job.
However in a years time a job might not be there to get, where as more experiance now might well work to my advantage.

Due to hardware crashes I'm going to have to write a new CV anyways, mine got wiped out, so I guess I should get on with that.

Still, I hate bloody hardware :(
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Sounds a bit crappy on the whole hardware/disk front [oh]

Job experience can be useful, but I know a lot of people who bolloxed up their degrees due to holding down a job at the same time. Especially in the final year where you have to start doing some real work [headshake]


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I hate to say this but invest in a DVD burner or a USB flash drive. I have seen to many people HD's get wiped out and lose their info. I like you have years of code I been working on and don't want to redo it over again. So I back it up often the code that I been working on onto a USB flash drive since its faster than burning on to a DVD all the time. And when I get to a point where I feel like updating my DVD-RW I redo that disk with all the updates. HTH sorry for the loss!

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That sucks, I hate losing data. I'm feeling paranoid now, I'm going to back up my code/logs/etc now.

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I've lost a bit of stuff over the years. I use Google Talk for my conversations so all of that is backed up on their servers which is quite handy. I also have documents backed up on an external HD and sometimes I FTP it to my server or e-mail it, via Gmail, to myself. So i've developed a good bit of redundancy. Along with me recently buying a DVD burner, hopefully my data losing days are behind me. Good luck.

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