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Hmm... OOP?

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Well, after a few weeks of working with CPP I am starting to get the hang of things, to an extent at least. A problem I am often confronting is my complete disregard for an old and true saying, KISS, or Keep It Simple Stupid. I tend to so over complexify even the most simple of programming task that I loose track of my original goal. To this extent I have decided to completely scrap my ever so awesome rendition of Classic Tetris. By awesome I mean merely OK, and by merely OK I mean total crap. It does however look awful sexy in full, awe inspiring system text. But I digress.

In it's current state it uses many functions, separate .h and .cpp files and whatnot. Sadly though, not a single Class is used. I'm gonna have to look into inheritance some more before I am fully comfortable with Classes. As it stands, I get this almost school-girl giddiness while thinking of making a monster Class that does everything I could ever imagine. Including foot massages. On the other hand I hate getting slapped around by the CPP god's for such travesties, so I will have to KISS it. Bleh... Bad pun.

For the moment I need to come up with a more user friendly form of input. Currently I use a Row/Column system. Rows being 0,1,3 and columns being A,B,C. It gets hairy when the player chooses a square. Enter 'a0x' for example and viola a shiny new 'X' appears in the top left square. While that's completely understandable for your standard Harvard graduate, I get a feeling that little Timmy will either wet himself or start crying when trying to piece it all together. Perhaps both when the game crashes.

I will post another update soon. For the moment though I leave you with the following:
if(KISS == FALSE) {
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