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No Pictures...

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Prinz Eugn


Man, it's been a few days since I've been able to do stuff, sorry. This week is my final week here in Pittsburgh and we had our final Maps due, so I got to spend the last couple of days using the majority of my time monkeying around with the Warcraft 3 Editor, hur-ray.

I did do some stuff that you can't see yet, either because it's unfinished or because I don't have a scanner, so it may be sunday before I can put up a long update. I actually have a ton of concept art laying around here that I can put up once I get home on saturday/sunday, some of it cooler than others, like the enemy ace pilot's plane.

In more game-related news, I recently had a discussion with him, which I won, because my idea for improving the terrain worked well, which means the game looks better and has more options for random effects now, like having scorched grass after you napalm an area to a fiery oblivion. Overall, A demo is close, probably around friday of next week or maybe before, depending on how fast the art/ getting Sir Sapo to fix the controls goes.

In my random spare time I've been thinking about different sorts of mission settings we need for Angels 22, like a worn-torn Stalingrad-esque city or a gritty industro-chemical area with destructible chemical towers, which reminds me of a cool feature we're going to have in Angels 22, but I'll save that for tomorrow's entry if I have time.
Trust me, it'll be awesome.


PS Sir Sapo's internet is down still, so I'm not sure when he'll be around, but he still is alive.
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No, we basically worked with what our instructors made, it was more like being shown a tutorial rather than being taught, they really needed to get the grad students who were trying to teach us some teaching lessons.

Ravuya: I really need to play sopwith, know of any XP workable versions?

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