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Its alive!

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Just a quick update today. I've yet to get any time to solve (or even look at) that really obscure slow-down I reported yesterday. More on that as-and-when though.

In the meantime, point your browser at the following two threads:

  1. RFC: Your new DirectX Forum FAQ can be found here... Yup, I finally got it out in the wild. See the thread for more details [smile]

  2. August 2006 DirectX SDK is released and weighs in at a whopping 506mb. I dont know what they're feeding DirectX these days, but I think it needs to be put on a diet!

Its a bit rough around the edges and it still needs some work, but I needed to get the new FAQ out. It's starting to drag on a bit [headshake]

I think, depending on what feedback I get, I'll upload what I've got and then incrementally add the remaining content...
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Half a gig? That's nuts. I think they need to start making the D3D10 and other preview/beta material as a seperate package. Folks like me just don't need/want it. :P

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Thanks [grin]

as for splitting D3D10 from the DX9 SDK... I asked this a while back and the reply was that there were a lot of interdependencies such that you wouldn't save much (and gain lots of hassle). That was when it was "only" 300mb or so... now its topped 500mb it might make more sense to split them. Doubt it'd happen though!


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