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Bug Stomping and Design Choices

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Tuss Toss:

We've been lucky enough to have a couple of very responsible people beta testing Tuss Toss. Right now I'm devoting most of my time fixing bugs and polishing the aspects of the game that I can. I figure I will continue this until about the 26th. At that point I will make a release version for contest submission. After that it will be an incremental release vesion (for the public) along with a shareware version.

Engine Design:

Well I'm still trying to iron out the design decisions for the engine (more like framework) that I will be making soon. I'm still trying to decide on what technologies to use. I want the engine to be cross platform, and I'm wondering if it is still too early to rely on C# applications for games. The difficulty distributing Tuss Toss makes me wonder if it's worth the hassle of forcing my user to download the .Net framework or Mono.

I absolutely love coding in C#, but making games isn't always about what I want, it's more about what the user wants. I'm really curious as to whether or not a gamer truly finds it a hassle to download another piece of software in order to play a game. I also enjoy C++ a lot, but I can honestly be far more productive in C# than I ever could with C++. Maybe I'm just overthinking the whole thing. Maybe I should just pick one thing and run with it, never looking back.
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