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Well. Great news. I fixed that evil heap corruption bug and now I'm back on track. I played my first full 7 level game of Breakout with no hitches. Worked out great and was pretty damn fun. I can't wait to get some music into the game to bring it to life.

I did a small test and distributed it to my brother and his machine had some problems running it. I've been attempting to come to a solution for that problem and it seems like distributing VS2005 applications are a pain in the ass. I really don't want to add extra crap to the installation file, but it seems like there is no way around it. I really would like for people to download this game, from the newbish computer user to the experienced, giving them no problems.

I also did a test on Windows Vista and the game looks excellent on it. I'm just heavily partial to the new windows gui system. ;)

So, I really have nothing to show you that hasn't been shown, game wise... So, Here is just another image that show's off another background and some action.

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Let us know when that demo is out and ready. Hopefully we can both put out demos when our SDL distribution woes are over. [smile]

(And I love the sleekness of your interface!)

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