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You're right about the IGF + Screens

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Mike Bossy


After further thought the entry fee to the IGF does make sense. I didn't really think of it in term of a possible deterrent against have baked games and a million flavours of pong. The press aspects are definitely a positive and the real reason I am entering. I have no dreams of winning anything with my plain jane game.

But while it might not be the next darwinia, Tiki Lounge Blackjack is art complete! I finished integrating the final art changes today and everything looks great. If you are a coder with ugly dev art I highly suggest finding real artists. It is the difference between night and day.

Next step is getting the game stripped down to a demo and do some video captures of it in action. Here's some screens of the final art in action:

The high score screen which also shows the "awards" you've unlocked.

Instruction screen #1

Instruction screen #2

The credits screen. Props go out to the artists!!!

The level select screen with real thumbnails now.

Ingame level with new background.

Ingame level with new background.

Ingame level with new background.

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Hey that looks REALLY sweet!

Outstanding job on it thus far! Keep up the great work!

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I agree, it's looking really nice! My only minor gripe is that black font used on the help screens - for some reason it just didn't look right to me, possibly because of the medium-dark green background. Other than that it's looking fantastic - I love the look of the icons in the menus and that white font for the text!

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