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I just shaved my head. [smile]

My head has been itchy for a while, and while I was sitting up at to cottage I decided just to take it off. So I did, after having this for 11 months and trying multiple products, from 6 doctors my hair just seemed like something preventing the itch from going away.

Anyway, I'm back from the cottage and whilst I was there I finiahsed "AI Techniques for Game Programming". It's a good book but I think I'll need to give it a second time over, I couldn't pick up so quickly. Next on the list is "More OpenGL Programming".

Back to my game.

Also, I want a discussion as to what makes a good post. I seem to find myself trying to interlace my posts with a little bit of humour, just hoping I can hit a note where people will respond to it.
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I generally find journal entries with offensive contents and/or screenshots get replied to.

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I remember doing a series of entires on my journal about how to "succeed" on the forums, and one of them was how to write a good journal post ("On Journals"), complete with examples linking into other people's journals and a brief analysis of why said techniques were effective.

Sadly though, it looks like those entries were swallowed by the database or something. Like, all of my posts from 2004 are gone for some reason. O__o.

Sucks because the "On Ratings" entry, I thought, was both really funny and accurate :(

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I enjoy reading the journals that tell people what they are doing code wise but also intersplice it with what is happening in their life and any problems related to creating games or anything coding related.

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