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In light of my main looming deadline (Monday morning), I have been working hard to get the game over the finish line (Completion of everything aside from my special interest ideas). I had some really stupid bugs that I ran into, but lucky I ended up smashing them clear out of the ballpark.

A few things changed, design wise. I removed the 'Options' button from the game window due to having no desire for the player to hide while they are in challenge mode. Meaning, you could click on Options, the time would stop, giving you time to think about what the hell you really want to do next.

I also modified the 'SCORE' area of the window. Darkened the background area and pushed the text to the side while adding a nice little total score icon to the side of it.

I finished implementing my font system all of the way. So now the main window even displays your score in real time, so you can go into panic mode when you're not doing as well as you did in a prior game.

I've turned 'free mode' into 'practice mode'. When a player clicks 'START GAME', a box will pop up asking to go into Practice Mode, or Challenge Mode. If the player chooses to go into practice mode, another window will appear, asking for you to personally select what level you wish to practice on.

Last, but surely not least, I ran through all of the power ups and got them all to a satisfactory condition.
-- The big one was my shooter paddle. Had some bugs in that, but I got them all cleared up. EDIT: I also removed 'Burst'... Entirely way to much chaos!
-- The 'Slow Ball' has changed to 'Stick Ball'. This will freeze your ball in place, and then randomly fire the ball into the left or right direction. I thought that would be a little more interesting than just simply slowing down the ball.
-- The 'speed ball' will reflect bursts of speed when the ball hits your paddle. This could be a huge benefit or can kill you off really fast. Depends how well you handle it.
-- Everything else were just tweaked

So, I've got to get to bed to get a few hours of sleep so I can get up to work on this game.

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You know, I never thought anybody would be able to make breakout look fun to me, but you managed it. It both looks and sounds excellent. Good work!

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Hey, I really appreciate that. Thanks.

Wow, I just realized that typing a journal post at 4 in the morning can lead to some horrific spelling/grammar errors. Glad nobody caught those. ;oX

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