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Some revision...

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Have had some party here this weekend...but when I waved goodbye to my guests I took uot my computer and looked at the code I had produced a couple of days ago...

I had forgot to convert from polar coordinates ro rectangular...I had done it the other way around...but in my code I used angles instead of xy values on my particles =)

So here is the revision nr.1.
I'm quite proud of my self, because I have made a little particle simulation without even looking at a piece of code or reading anything about it, just using my common sense...
I'll make some improvments on it...but for now its just a "big bang" simulation. One pixel in the center that explodes and sent of 360 particles in each degree, just that they bounce of the walls.

Well just dont sit there...test it!
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Wow no one comments in your journal do they [sad]

Anyway I got about ~170 FPS.

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Original post by Scet
Wow no one comments in your journal do they [sad] one...[sad]

Perhaps I have to write something interesting soon...[smile]

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