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new script file

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I just came up with this really awesome script file and a nifty NEVER BEFORE SEEN script format. I'll show you the format first and then tell you the cool name that I've come up:

Name: "Donald Beals";
Class: Ranger;
Gender: Male;
Level: 1;

Helmet: none;
Cuirass: Item("Studded Leather", true);
Gauntlets: Item("Hide Gloves", true);
Leggings: Item("Leather Leggings", true);
Greaves: Item("Boots", true);
Cloak: Item("Elven Camo Cloak", true);
Gold: 200;

List StartingSkills
Skill("Regeneration", true /*passive*/),

I call it Cool Scripting System.

Ok seriously though, I love the format that CSS uses so, I stole some of it (read: practically the whole thing). I don't quite have all of the parsing integrated yet (it's all written, just in chunks in my old projects.) At the moment, the first class is the only one that would load ALMOST correctly. I don't have subclasses integrated yet either (denoted by the '.')

Anyway, I have it to the point where I can atleast finish my GUI's skin system. So now, it'll go from looking like this (Just for the button):



255 255 255 255
255 255 255 255
255 255 255 255

To looking like something like this:

Offset: Point(0, 0);
LeftWidth: 12;
TopHeight: 12;
RightWidth: 12;
BottomHeight: 12;

OverlayOffset: Point(0, 111);
OverlaySize: Size(25, 25);

TextColor: rgb(255, 255, 255);
HoverTextColor: rgb(255, 255, 255);
ClickTextColor: argb(255, 255, 255, 255);

Point (can take 2 or 3 values), Size, and Texture are going to be the only built-in types. At the moment, rgb() and argb() are going to be the only built-in functions. Stuff is stored so that it'll be pretty easy to parse for each individual project anyway.

If you didn't see it, I finished the Derek sprite yesterday (all 4 directions this time and the second foot.) You can check him out in all his glory in my last entry.

I am tired as all hell right now. I got 4 hours of sleep yesterday, fell asleep at around 11pm last night and then woke up around 2:30am and I've been up since.

Well, my breaks up. Time to get back to work lol.
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