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First steps

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So I picked up WiX and am writing an XML file that describes the MC2 deployment. There's a lot more in the FinalBuild folder (the output directory that the MC2 XNA project ships with) than is required to run the game itself - files for the editor etc are in there as well - so I'm constructing my deployment list by starting with just the MC2Rel.exe executable, and then adding any missing files it complains about until it works.

Interestingly, after a mere 136MB (of the FinalBuild folder's 460MB), the game launches to the menu without a complaint. If you explore the frontend - fire up the game encyclopaedia - then you can see that there are some textures missing, but running Mc2Rel.exe in the FinalBuild folder also appears to be missing these textures.

So, I've got a "working" minimal deployment. I suspect that if I actually tried launching a level it would complain some more, but I don't necessarily need to be launching levels yet. I know I'd like to work on the renderer, but there are other things that could be interesting to fix - specifically, MC2 currently wins no Best Practices awards for saving all of its data (including user prefs and savegames) in the Program Files/MC2 folder, which is no good if you don't have write permissions to that directory. I should be able to modify it to use the user directories correctly, maybe even implement launchable savegames.
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