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The invasion of BlockyWorld by RoundWorld:

Entities in the level editor:

Logically, the enemies of BlockyWorld would be the inhabitants of RoundWorld. And so, there is one right there.

I haven't gotten collision detection between Blocky Man and the enemies working yet, so they can just be walked through. I have to now get it so Blocky Man can jump on, and kill these enemies. Luckily, I already have an animation of the Circle enemy squished[grin]

I'm starting to realize that this level editor could be used in the game. It's pretty easy to use, so I'll probably put it in the game so people can make their own custom levels.
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It would be neat if you had a circular level where you just ran around on the surface of a sphere (similar to mindwipe's cadog adventures).

Those filthy round bastards. It's unnatural, I say.

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I like that idea. It would be cool to have RoundWorld actually be...round. It would be tough to implement, but I'll give it some thought.

And yes, after the people of BlockyWorld win the war, they will make sure everything on RoundWorld consists of four 90 degree angles. Just like god intended[lol]

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I hope those ungodly round little bastards make a suitably satisfying splutch when stomped upon by a Holy Man of Block.

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