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Let there be polygons!

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So a friend of mine had the idea that he wants to create a 3d engine, and with me hanging around the game development forums so much he decided that I should help. So I agreed. But this shall not be my project, I shall help on whatever is needed, he's the head dude. Anyway, last night we decided to start on our model class and finished the basics at around 3 or 4 this morning. I did the parsing for the file, which isn't too bad. Now it displays and roates our fairly plain looking balloon model, but it's a start.

We're attempting to go with a strategy for development I vaguely remember from a not so distant Dr. Dobb's Journal. Don't remember the exact term, but candlestick comes to mind. The idea is to have a working project at each step in development, you just keep adding pieces to it to add more functionality or whatever. According to that article it cuts down on bugs, so if i'm remembering the technique anywhere remotely close, we'll see.

We're using SDL for the window setup (may god have mercy on the souls that use Win32 stuff, that's pure evil) and OpenGL. This has the added benefit of cross platform compatibility, but that wasn't our motivation for using it, just ease of use.

So, for now, I give you a screenshot.

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Iterative development is a sound and clever strategy for game development, particularly when building deliverables. It's how the games industry usually operates, which is excellent practice.

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