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prototype done

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I think ive reached a milestone in my "career".

Well I finished the prototype of this water pipe puzzle game idea, and after viewing some of the feedback I got after maybe 10 people trying it...I think its worth finishing it and releasing it. I changed alot, including the name of the game to something alot more easier to relate to, and I was thinking of using the avatar of the plumber as the little guy in the game that needs your help to fix the piping problem.

posted originally on indie gamer

Demo (has 2 levels for testing):

arrow keys: pan camera
RMB: to move tile
LMB: to rotate
F1: toggle fullscreen
E: editor

JoePlumbingInstall.exe 286KB


Ive also grabbed a new hosting/domain plan and I will be using the name "Impeller Head Games" as my future company name (if it ever gets to that point :D), And heres my logo...:P

wow thats like the biggest post ever i think? Would be cool to get some comments from gamedev on the demo/logo/site (the site needs alot of work i know)
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Recommended Comments

Very cool!

I love these types of puzzle games. I do have a couple of comments though:
1) When I rotate the "T" connector piece, sometimes it turns into a "+" piece. Usually on every 4th right-click. I'm not sure whether that is intentional.
2) When the "Main" and "Exit" buttons are over the game-board they don't accept mouse-clicks. This only happens if there is a game-piece under the button.
3) It'd be awesome if the camera panned using the mouse when it goes near the edge of the screen (like in most RTS games).
4) An animation when the level is complete would be cool. Just something simple like a water fountain from the city so you can see your pipeline in action.

Overall though it's very cool (and stable!), good job.

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Thanks alot, all ive gotten was good comments from this game, and ive appreciate all of it. The 4-way pipe wasnt intential, I already fixed it, and now you can rotate the pipe while its in hand. I still have alot of work left in it to make it more fun and polished (adding more piping features,music,ending animations..ect) but its a good start I think.

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