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So today I whipped together the final rendition of my Practice and Challenge mode. I'm still trying to beat my clock to finish this game by tomorrow morning, so I just wanted to pop in my journal to throw a quick update on the progress.

// Introducing, Practice Mode! So, when you fire up the game and click "START GAME", this box now pops up. If you change your mind and want to explore the other menu items, just click anywhere outside of the box to close it.

// From there, you can select either, Practice or Challenge. Here, I selected Practice, and we moved on into the Practice Level selection window

// You can pick any level to do a practice run on (even if you haven't played it in challenge mode yet). Same rules apply. 1 Minute, Smash as many blocks as you can. Once your time is up, the ball freezes in place for you to examine how well you did. Click New Game at anytime to go back to Level Selection, or click Exit to return ot the main menu.

// Lets revert back a little and lets say we pick Challenge mode. Here you will transition into a window that describes what the challenge is all about.

The black block is worth 100 points now. I removed the need to hit it more than once and just made it a super rare block that will normally appear in the first stage, but after that... it's all luck. :)

I just noticed that I have been coding with a memory leak and that doesn't make me happy at all. I've got to track that sucker down.

Back to business.

Take Care,
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Excellent. The level of polish, effort, and shine are definitely on par with that of a commercial game. Nice work! [smile]

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I can't believe how quickly you've managed to get it up and running. The only thing I will say (because I'm actually a bastard [smile]), in the 'black' screenshot (second from bottom), the numbers for the number of blocks hit look mis-aligned. It might look a bit cleaner if you align all of the numbers to the right.

Good work, and I'm hoping you hit your deadline.

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