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Well, I've learnt something today...

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Turns out that Win2K doesn't properly support greater than 137gig drives 'out of the box', you have to enable something in the registery... this... well, sucks slightly as it means the data loss I thought I had probably could have been avoided.

How do I know this?
Well, I installed a program which told me large driver support wasn't fully enabled, so I let it enable it and reboot, once it did my 500gig drive was there, all data in one piece and everything ready to rock and roll...

Balls.. probably means I didn't need to lose any data after all
As I haven't done anything over the top to either drive as yet I'm gonna see if I can recover my two 250gig drives, although I fear the formats they went thru and partion deletions could make it a problem.

Still, this is a win really, as I thought I'd lost 500gig of data.. turns out its ok after all, shame about the rest of the stuff but well, thats life I guess, mistakes are made and things are learnt [smile]
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LBA48 is a total bitch. I find myself having to slipstream the patch for it into WinXP install CDs all the time.

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