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I've been browsing the "Articles and Resources" section, and it seems that there are loads of articles from around 1999, and only a very few recent ones. 1999 is fairly dated on the timescale of computer technology, especially for gaming. Now, I'm not sure if this is caused by bad organization, lack of material, or a combination of both, but I've decided to do my part and write a couple of articles.

I have a couple of ideas in the back of my head, but what do YOU guys want to see an article about?

I'm really open to pretty much anything: graphics, math, physics, sound, etc. If it is something I don't know very well, I'm even willing to do some research to find out about it. So fire away.
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I vote for physics and sound. I don't think the Internets need more graphics articles, seems everyone and his dog has a graphics site.


I lied about the candy


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Pre-recorded video playback (think cutscenes, etc.) using mainstream video formats - MP4, WMV, et. al. That should be a good challenge - I've yet to see a game do it really well. In fact, the last time I can recall seeing good cutscenes was back in Tie Fighter, and IIRC they used a proprietary video playback format for that.

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