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Concept Art

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Prinz Eugn


I have an unbelievable amount of concept art for you guys, saved up from all my time at Carnegie Mellon and now unleashed with the help of our scanner.
God help you if you're on 56k...

Firstly, this is just some random spaceship along with a version of the Atomic Cannon, which went through several iterations as you'll see

This is another Atomic Cannon, notable for being drawn on the back of the letter I got for violating the pre-college curfew policy 4 times(Look, I kept forgetting to sign in, Ok?)

This is the final version of the cannon, the one closest to the game version

This one has a cool helmet I drew up on a whim, mainly because I was pissed off at the other subject on the page, a kind of carry-all helicopter hybrid thingy that would come in in Angels 22 and drop tanks and stuff off.

This is just more Carry-Alls- I hade the hardest time with the friggin' nose and cockpit sections for some reason.

This is an enemy attack helicopter, another unit we wanted in Angels 20, but never got around to implementing. It's based off the Mi-24 Hind style-wise, and you may get to fly one in an infiltration mission...

Remember that giant robot from back in the day? Well, this is where it started. I actually sketched and drew the pixel version in stages, with me finishing a pixel version of one section then sketching another part and pixelating it and so on. The paper it's on got screwed up from the condesation from a drink(something I wasn't too used to, being from New Mexico)
Note the censored section, which was a note to myself on the uber-secret game finale.

This one is kind of cool to me for how much the SAM here is the one in the game, heck the original drawing is just as small as the sprite.
The other stuff is a half-hearted attempt at a Communist laser-turret

These are sketches for one of the bosses, a giant tank. It's something I've drawn many times, trying to get a satifactory shape, especially since working of actual tanks is hard because, well, real tanks are pretty boring from the side.

This one has another tank, but some other stuff, like a Mobile Suit rifle and head, plus a little shuttle I did, trying to practice some perspective drawing.
You can also see the vague outline of a sketch of the winglet of the plane I was on from Pittsburgh to Dallas

This is the laser that can replace the gun on your Partisan, if you so desire.
I started one for the HUD, I'll have to finish it and show you guys sometime.

This is a little different, I decided to try drawing something that I could turn into a loading screen if need be, and so I drew up this pilot guy, although to finish it I'd need to put up the center console, which is actually enormous in most fighters.

This is the prototype MiG that'll be in the game, I'm not sure if I'm satisfied
with this design, though.

This is a sketch for the Aurora, which may or may not be featured in-game as a playable unit, depending on how much extra time we have. In any case I think it should be included in the game somehow,

This one has nothing to do with Angels 22, it was just a cool study of perspective stuff for art class, which of course I didn't bother to complete afterwards.

Ok, that's all for now, but don't worry, I still have another one in the works currently being colored in Photoshop, plus I'm going to be working on replacing all of Sapo's placeholders in Angels 22 so we can get a demo out.
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That art rocks man! Dang, I need to buff up my skill with the pencil.


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Thanks! Yeah, pencil is really helpful when I'm trying to come up with something cool before trying to put it in pixel-form, it's a lot easier to work with shape that way.

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