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Evil Steve


Nothing much to say, so I'll just gibber a little while I wait for this thing to compile.

I've set up MSVC on my server with VC2005 Professional from my MSDN stuff (Thanks to jollyjeffers for reminding me it existed). Still trying to get it to compile though, see My Thread about it.

I got the ID3DXFont stuff working this morning on the train, and I'm in the process of adding a light wrapper around IDirect3DDevice9 in debug mode so I can display information like trangles per frame, state changes, texture / stream switches per frame and so on. I should be getting zero texture and stream switches per frame, and one or two state changes, but I want to verify that. Plus, slews of debug information are handy :P

I also want to change my text scene objects to handle dynamic text nicely. As it is, it's pretty expensive to change text, but bloody cheap to display it. Great for static text, not so great for dynamic text. So, that needs a special case.

Hrm. That's about it. I'll try to get stuff working nicely, then get a nice screenshot for the thread in the lounge.

EDIT: It took an hour to implement all the sodding IDirect3DDevice9 functions just to call the base class, and I found:
  • 4 state changes
  • 1 texture change
  • 1 stream change
  • 246 triangles drawn
  • 2 draw calls
    Per frame. I don't get the 1 texture and stream change. How is that possible? It should be an even number... Oh well, it gives me something to investigate on the train on the way home.
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