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Well, can't say I did nothin' ...

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I finished that Allegro screen updating API. It's been hinted that they may well integrate into the main Allegro library as opposed to me just offering it as an add-on, depending on where the API ends up going (they're working on a new Allegro version). So, yay for that if it happens. I'm pretty proud of it. Not that it's long or complicated, but it's a short tight source file that makes several screen update methods dirt simple. Sure to help n00bs. Once I'm fully confident in it, I'll submit it as a Sweet Snippet.

On The Mighty Stoopid: I finally started working on final render work for the first level. Right now, it's the sewer "bonus" sections. This is work towards the new demo, since the first level will be in there. It's likely this won't take too terribly long (hopefully).

I also tweaked the player controls for the odd hiccup. Like, when you bounce, your x-velocity negates and doubles. I need to put a cap on that, because once you'be bounced off a few things, you're just rocketing. [grin] Fun, but technically not right. I also need to finish those player renders, which I said I'd do and didn't. I need to do at least a few tomorrow ...
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