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Stephen R


We'll I'm just back from the big playtest marathon. It lasted about 8 hours. We first tested some of the other peoples mods and levels. Then we got around to Raw. It ran well on all the machines but thats about all that went right for the game. I finally saw the huge plethora of key flaws that riddle the game. The game really lacks a clear puprose. There are so many things that you can be doing and almost nothing that you have to be doing. I was hoping that some of the gameplay features would be emergant but it turns out that you really have to define EVERYTHING about a game. I was really dissapointed with how it was received but all the criticism that was brought up was correct. I'm not going to post the game on the GDS because I really don't think that it has anything to offer. I got a loan of a game design book, so I'll read that before I get down to the gameplay code of SheepPie. Well at worst it was an educational experience - I now know exactly how to not make a game.

On the plus side I got my ray intersection code working. I now only have to fix the bounding box initializaion code and I should be able to select vertices. Once I have that done I'm stopping coding of the game. I need to make sure that it doesn't go south in the way that Raw did. I am going to spend a few days putting a desing doc together and pass it around a few people to make sure its okay. With Raw I was kind of arrogant, I wanted the game to be mine in every way, so I never even bothered to put together a real doc that I could show other people. This time I just want the game to be fun, I've learned my mistake.
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