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I want!

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I want a Mac Pro. [crying]

It's so cheap, and yet I just bought a new Mac! I can't justify buying another one! Waaah. As a consolation prize at least I have Xcode 3.

In Glow news, I spent the entire day working on the deck. I'll get to working on the game soon.
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Yeah...Apple kills me. Its like "here, have this awesome thing. Psyche, we just introduced something even better." You just can't keep up. My PowerBook G4 from last year is now "horribly out-dated"

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I'm waiting to watch the keynote video. :( Apple's site seems to be getting hammered.

I'm trying not to ruin it by looking at the specs or the price, but I think I'd like to get a Mac Pro as my next computer instead of a MacBook. My (11 month old!) PowerBook is kinda slow, but I could hold on to it for the next couple years.

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The Mac Pro is a full grand USD cheaper than the comparable Dell Xeon workstation.

It is probably the most competitively priced Mac since that shitty old Powermac 4400 "back in the day".

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3 weeks after my wife bought her mac-mini, they released the intel based mac-mini ... at the same price.



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