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Non-International Nutballs

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This is something that I've always hated with some buyers, actually a lot of American sellers. Back when I was on eBay buying from Europe, Japan, China I didn't have problems with people not allowing international orders. But something that has always pissed me off was that some Americans only allow in country orders. Why not just allow me to pay the extra fucking shipping?! I know, it's so hard for them to ship internationally, it requires another check or two on the shipping sheet. Hard work, busy boy!

It wouldn't be such a big problem if I didn't have to search when I can't find any international shipping on, it's just that these sites aren't connected what so ever! If the seller posts on and allows international shipping, I don't see the item on Holy crap, and not only that I find products are actually priced higher if you buy them from "Canadian Versions" of websites.

I think we should dig a big trench along the border.

Secondly, after an hours searching and picking on I bought:

Super Solvers: Outnumbered
Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue
Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain
Super Solvers: Gizmo's and Gadgets
Super Solvers: Spellbound

all CD's too. When my parents bought these for me as a kid, all they had was floppys. Sadly all I have left of my collection is Spellbound Disk 1\4, so I'm rebuying them in a more relyable format.

Total: $15
Shipping: $35

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