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Prinz Eugn


So today I didn't do much specifically for the game, but I did get a lot of practice on Photoshop, resulting in a really cool MiG.

Colonel Meyran's MiG-51K

This is going to be the airplane of an enemy ace pilot, a character that will be recurring through several missions. He'll be your arch-nemesis, basically.

The plane itself is based of the MiG-31 stylistically, but in-game is a experimental prototype unit built for extremely high performance.


That's right, if you haven't heard, I went ahead and ordered the Qubeley Model, and it arrived today. I started painting it, and tomorrow I'll take a 'before' picture to show you guys. I'll also take one of my current gundam model selection, which is quite impressive, even half boxed-up.

Yeah, if I don't show up for a couple days, it's because I'm putting together Qubeley while watching the last 15 episodes of Gundam Zeta in my room.

"What the... holy shit!"

While writing this I got up to go to the bathroom and what did I find on the floor but a huge-ass vinegaroon, or whip scorpion, if you ain't from 'round here. It was massive, 3-4 inches in body length and very, very mean looking.

Luckily, I pulled the standard "shove-the-giant-arthropod-into-a-cup-with-some-cardboard" maneuver and put him outside, where hopefully he'll eat some of the actual scorpions around here.

Think I'm kidding about this thing? link

Anyway, I'll try to refine the Angels 22 placeholders for that demo if I have time,

Goodnight guys!
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Thanks, Sapo

I need to add some background stuff to the picture before it'll be up to standard, though

Next I'll have to do a new top-view Partisan.

Mmmm... Photoshop...

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