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A very public 4E5 entry

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So I was thinking, perhaps I could combine a tutorial on setting up a gamedev tool chain on the cheap with creating my entry for 4E5. Keep this journal up to date with all the dirty inner workings of what is going on.

This entry won't be a winner, but it could serve as a learning experience to anyone monitoring the journal. And the journal entries could provide the basis for articles.

Although I am a professional developer, and do have access to Visual Studio 2005 Pro and all its goodies - I know that a lot of people around here (who care about being legit) won't have copies of that stuff because it's so expensive.

So I've decided to add another constraint to my entry - only using stuff that is free where possible.

I don't have broadband at home yet, and my desk is not even set up. Yeah... a software engineer without his home desktop setup for well over a week - what's that about huh? Flat packs and organising the rest of the flat I guess [smile].

I also want to break up the entries in to documenting blocks of about an hours worth of work. Like everyone else I have other things in my life, and if I can do this stuff in an hour anyone can.

Let see how it goes huh? I've got deadlines for work that might require overtime, one coming up on the 23rd of August and another at the end of October.
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